Wolfram Beele, CEO
Heikko Schilling, Process Innovation Manager
Giuseppe Tonin, Quality Manager
Heikko Schilling, Process Innovation Manager

Heikko joined Flowcastings' engineering team with a focus on advanced ceramic materials and introduction of new processes and innovatio

He has long year experience from a career in academic research and materials development for industrial customers. Before coming to Flowcastings, Heikko was a research associate at Fraunhofer Institute IFAM Dresden, where he participated in development projects on sinter materials, in particular oxide and non-oxide ceramics for ballistic armor applications.

Heikko has performed basic research at TU Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin) on the synthesis of new inorganic solids and crystal structure determination by X-ray diffraction with computational analysis. He has published results of his activities in a number of scientific journals.

Heikko holds a doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry from TU Berlin and a diploma degree in chemistry from Universität Ulm.